Roberta Coppler is the owner, operator & trainer at Coppler Farm.  She has a life time of experience with horses and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.



Coppler Farm Story

I don’t remember a time that I didn’t have a horse.  My mom is a horse lover, and that’s what I was born into.  I never had any formal lessons, but was influenced throughout the years by  Equus, Horse & Rider, A Perfect Horse (John Lyons’ magazine), Clinton Anderson, lately Carson James, among many others.  I decided to start my business, Coppler Farm, in 2011, after a few of years boarding for friends and taking in horses for training.  Throughout the years, I had been asked, many times, if I ever gave lessons and would always decline.  I never felt worthy of teaching others since I didn’t have a degree or “formal” training myself.  Eventually, I realized there was value in what I had learned (the hard way) and I could help people with horses.  My neighbor, a fellow horseman, suggested that I take people out on trail rides.  We live in an area where we can literally head out of the yard and ride for days.  “People will pay for that experience”, he said.  I protested with a list of excuses.  Then he died after a brief battle with cancer.  I realized life is too short not to take a chance on doing what you love.  Now, I get paid to take people horse back riding and teach people about horses.  I get to share my passion, and see their smiling faces.  I have clients as far away as China & Germany.  Many come back every year.  It is so fulfilling to do what I love, while meeting some wonderful people and making new friends along the way.



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