Give the gift of horses this Christmas!!

At Coppler Farm we have many equine services available. Christmas is the perfect time to try them out, and with a large indoor arena, even it rains or snows, our activities do not get canceled.

We offer basic horsemanship and horseback riding lessons, for kids and adults that are FUN. You will learn how and why horses think they way that they do. You will learn how to develop good feel, timing and balance to build a great relationship with your horse.

We conduct trail rides all year around, with safe horses, beautiful scenery and instruction before you ride so you are confident and in control. What is a trail ride like?

We have many horses available for leasing. Leasing is where you pay a monthly fee and come riding at your convenience. All of the horse cares (boarding, feed, vet, farrier etc) are paid for by Coppler Farm. Leasing is perfect for someone who is comfortable handling and riding horses, but is unable to have one of their own.

Horse training is another thing we provide. We follow natural horsemanship principles which makes understanding simple for the horse. We can work on specific issues such as trailer loading or desensitizing, give refreshers or put miles on.

We have equine assisted learning sessions for teaching life skills such as confidence, being present, and social skills. Check out some of the benefits interactions with horses can give us.,traumatic%20stress%20disorder%20(PTSD).

We also offer equine assisted life coaching. If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels in life, or just can’t get motivated we can help you. Let’s set some goals and REACH them!!

We have gift certficates available and can be purchased on our website. They can be used for any of our services.

Here is a link to some more information on some of our services

Feel free to contact us with any more questions!!