Meet the Coppler Farm team: The newest member Lucky

Lucky is the newest member of our team at Coppler Farm. He is a 25 + year old Arabian gelding who arrived in April of 2021. He is quickly becoming a favorite for lessons and trail rides. He has been a true gentleman, patient and kind, but he’s not lazy. He’s got some giddy up and go when you ask for it! We are so “lucky” to have him as part of our team. He was a bit under weight when we got him. So, right away we had him examined by our vet and dentist. He had four teeth removed and was also found to be insulin resistant which means he now needs to watch his diet and get lots of exercise (getting exercise is NO problem here!) Now that his health issues have been addressed, and with LOTS of soft, soaked, low carb feed & many supplements, morning and evening, he’s filling out nicely and has the most beautiful dappled coat. Contact Coppler Farm to come meet Lucky in person!